There are a lot of online video games in the internet nowadays. Some of these games can be played through internet while some others need to use gaming consoles in order to play it successfully. Nintendo Wii is one of gaming consoles that offers a wide variety of cool and exciting real-life games for people around the world. In this article, you are going to be introduced with the top 8 coolest games that you can play through this gaming console.

The first game that you should try to play is called Wii Sports. This game consists of baseball, tennis, boxing, bowling and golf. If you want to be a professional at any of these games, make sure that you train yourself well enough before playing this game with others. Learning the basics of each sport will be more than enough for you to play this game successfully.

Wii Sports

A perfect game to play during summer time. It lets you have a refreshing and cool feeling of being under the sunlight while playing your favorite sport. Furthermore, this sports game can be played by all ages. Thus, parents will love to play it with their kids because it will help them become fit and healthy in no time.

This game is especially for people who love bowling. Just like what its name suggests, Wii Sports: Bowling game lets you bowl while using your game console. If you want to become a professional at this game, then it is highly encouraged that you train yourself well enough before challenging others in the internet world through playing this game every day.

Multiplayer Video Game Best Wii Games

Ranking as one of the most interesting games among all video games in the internet, Wii Sports Bowling will never fail to keep you busy for hours. Thus, it is considered as not just a game but also an activity that can be enjoyed by people of different ages. If you are fond of bowling, then this game will give you more pleasure and fun whenever you play it with your family. With the help of internet, you can now challenge anyone who is around the world to a virtual bowling match. It will make you feel satisfied after winning one.

Another game that is considered as a unique one among all games in the online world is called Wii Fit Plus. This game lets you do exercises that you can normally do in your home. By just sitting on the couch and using the game console, you can now burn fats through following instructions given by your Wii Fit Plus trainer. This game will give you more than just fun because it lets you become healthier as well!

Mario Kart Wii

If you are tired of playing sports games, then why not try this racing game? This game can be played in two modes. One is the single player mode while the other one is multiplayer mode. If you want to play this game correctly, it would be best that you follow its instruction manual carefully.

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Gamers who love fighting games will never be disappointed after trying this game. It consists of a lot of characters from various Nintendo games such as Super Mario, Zelda and more. You can feel like you are playing with your friends by destroying enemies and upgrading your own character at the same time. This game will surely give you more than an hour of fun.


So what is your verdict now? Aren’t these Nintendo Wii video games the most interesting ones to play with? If you think so, then why not try one today! You can also share this article to your friends and family through social media. Hopefully, they will thank you for making them aware of the best Nintendo Wii games that are worth trying.

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